Together we can fight the growing population of poverty, support the artisans
in rural communities and help keep the environment clean and green!
Welcome !

Laroza Imports is a wholesaler and importer specializing in handmade art and crafts made from
recycled and sustainable materials.

Our goal is to provide quality, earth-friendly merchandise to consumers while strengthening and
supporting the poor and rural communities. All of our items are handmade by talented individuals and
co-operative groups in Africa and Asia using materials such as recycled juice packs, telephone wire, or
any used materials that can be recreated into a unique and beautiful handcrafts and art. We feel
strongly that small actions can make a big difference in the world. Buying a gift or decorative item
made from recycled and sustainable materials can benefit the buyer, the producer, and the

Please feel free to browse through our unique handmade art and crafts made by artisans from rural
communities of Asia & Africa.  

Visit us often as a new collection of handicrafts are added frequently. Feel free to contact us for
further enquiries.
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